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How it started .

In 2018 the Federation of World Athletics, as well as the European Athletics, announced that all athletes’ qualifications for participation at Olympic Games, World and European Championships from 2019 onwards could only be achieved through world ranking from sanctioned International Meetings by the World and European Federation.

In Greece not such Track and Field meeting existed due to the economic crisis of recent years. As a result of the above announcement the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) decided to support at least one meeting in our country and promote it so that it can be included in the International Calendar. This way the Greek champions would have the opportunity to claim the respective qualification for participation in major international competitions such as Olympic Games, World and Regional Championships.

As expected, SEGAS decision attracted the interest of several existing meetings in various cities in our country. Chania carry a long history in sports and especially in Track and Field so this opportunity could not remain unexploited by local organizers who intended to organize the leading international athletics meeting in Greece promoting our place around the world. In consultation with Chania Municipality and Region of Crete, A.O. CHANION “Kydon” (organizer of Venizeleia Meeting) and A.C. Eleftherios Venizelos (organizer of Chania Meeting) decided to join their forces to create a new event called “VENIZELIA-CHANIA”. SEGAS seriously studied the candidacy of our city as there was a guarantee for two important factors: first, both sport clubs were organizing two of the top meetings in Track and Field and second the best human resources were available for the preparation of such an event. In addition the decisive attitude of both Chania Municipality and Region of Crete led SEGAS in its decision to choose CHANIA as the city that was included in the International Calendar. The meeting was organized for the first time in 2019, by SEGAS, A.O.CHANION “Kydon”, A.C. Eleftherios Venizelos, and the Regional section of SEGAS CRETE. In 2019 in this effort co-organizers were the Region of Crete, Chania
and Platanias Municipalities. The meeting “Venizeleia-Chania” was included in the Classic Permit category at the EAA conference. In 2019 the
European Federation renamed the categories of its Meetings and at the moment “Venizeleia-Chania” is listed in “Bronze” category.


The historic venue “Venizelia 2018” was held for the 70th time on Saturday, June 2, at the National Stadium of Chania, organized by the Athletic Club of Chania Kydon, with co-organizers the Region of Crete Municipality of Chania and the Hellenic National Research Foundation “El. K. Venizelos “, the support of the GGA and the approval of SEGAS. We had several good performances during the games in Chania, where the fans flocked to it by giving a dynamic presence.

Launching was announced by Ioulios Sinadinos (General Secraitery of Sports) who had a meeting with the administration of the Chania National Stadium.

Also excellent was the thought of the organizers and the chairman of AC Kydon Sakis Kouvatsos, with the initiative of realizing the relay “Irini (Peace)” in the stadium.

Specifically, 800 young people from 4 Municipalities of the Prefecture of Chania and 28 clubs participated in the event for Peace in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The culmination of the event was the participation of the Brazilian folklore group “Capoeira”, which presented part of their work to the spectators and were applauded.

In the games now, Irene Vassiliou made the EAA limit at 400m for the European Championship in her first appearance for the 2018 event. Also good was the 20-year-old Barbara Grill, who was fourth at 400m with 55.06, a new personal record.

The Ukrainian world triple champion, Olia Salalountuha was the winner in the triple with 14.20m, which was her best this year’s performance, with Russian Irina Gumeyuk second with 13.58.

We had a very good race for the 200m women, where Rafaela Spanoudakis finished first at 23.24 and lost the threshold for the European Berlin for a while. The same goes for Artemis Anastasiou who finished 4th at 24.13 and did not manage for a few tenths to make the limit for World Junior Championships in Tampere. Victoria Ziakkina from Kazakhstan finished second at 23.35.

CHANIA 2018 .

Excellent performance at the beginning of the athlete season, at the 8th International Athletic Meeting “Chania 2018” organized by Eleftherios Venizelos on Saturday 19 May at the National Stadium of Chania, with the participation of great athletes and athletes from Greece, as well as the outside, most of which made their debut in the summer.
Lykourgos Tsakonas reached the 200m limit for the European Championship in Berlin with 20.62 in front of Panagiotis Trivizas (20.85) who won the 100.00 with 10.43, as did Miltiadis Tentoglou, who impressed in his sixth jump, jumping 8.19m. Also impressive was Claudia Pollack on the pole vault where she was 2nd with 4.45m. For a while he lost the limit (13.60) Kostas Douvalidis to the 110m hurdles that won with 13.60, with Odysseus Mouzhenidis making a record of teenagers in the shot put with 18.72m.

However, except for Tentoglu who made 8.19m, the show was “stolen” by Nicole Kyriacopoulou in the pole vault with 4.72m, which was the 5th best 2018 performance in the world, but also the top in Europe.

Voula Papachristou was victorious in the women’s triple jump, with a mark of 13.93m but it had big, but no legal jumps. “My first jump was very good, but it was marginally invalid” she said.

Elisavet Pesididou, who starts her season ebery year from Chania, won the 100m hurdles and showed herself in a very good shape, despite some inconveniences she felt in her leg.

Pesididou in his first race in the season ended at 13.13, as did Romania Anamaria Neseriuc who helped to make a good race.

Another great fight was made by the Cypriot disc thrower Apostolos Parellis, who at the Commonwealth Games had won the bronze medal. He had a shot at 59.65m.

In the men’s pole vault, Finnish Thomas Akschene was a winner with 5.30m. A at women’s 400m Elpida Karkalatou passed the distance to 54.41 and scored a new personal record, while the 400m of the men won the German Tombias Lange with 46.90, second was Michalis Pappas with 47.38 while in third place was the German Paralympic winner Johan Floors with 47.65.


With the support of the Region of Crete, the Chania Prefecture, the Chania Municipalities and Platanias, the Chania EAC and the Hellenic National Research Foundation “El. K. Venizelos “the A.O. Kydon Chania and SEGAS co-organized the “69th Venizelia Athletics” under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Sports. The games were held on Saturday 3 June 2017 at the National Stadium in Chania.

About 140 athletes from Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Sweden, Finland, France, Ireland, Romania and Morocco took part in the competition, with more than 150 young athletes and athletes

Panagiotis Trivizas was the star of 69th Venizelian Athletics, with 10.24 (with a favorable wind) at 100m and 20.58m at 200m with the best performance. Apart from Trivizas, Paris Batzavalis and the 35 years old Dimitris Tsialis scored a performance that stood out, while Eleni Artemata ran a great 400 with 52.48 (personal record) while Anna Vassiliou was 2nd at 53.15
Good and Kostas Zikos in the 100th with 10.59 also with the favorable wind, while Emmanuela Keramidas also made a good start in women with 23.32 (wind -0.9). Performance of the year for Paris Batzavalis in Javelin throw with 81.74m while Dimitris Tsamiis showed stability in the triple jump, jumping 16.68 (-0.2)

Tassos Galazoulas also stands out with 7.90m in men’s long jump

CHANIA 2017 .

On the 20th of May, the 7th Athletic Meeting under the name “CHANIA 2017” was held at EAK (National Stadium) of Chania, which was dedicated to Elena Venizelou.

The wind broke the plans of Voula Papachristou, aiming to start the season in Chania, with a performance better than 14.23 meters (1.5), a performance with which he completed the race.

The “bronze” European champion was influenced by the possible opposite wind, which began shortly after the test jumps. Papachristou actually made three attempts after not completing her 4th and 5th jump and leaving the sixth. The 14,23m of Papachristou was the sixth performance of the year in the world.
Fine performances by Elsa Pesididou with 13.10 in the first race of the season, Stella Iro Ledaaki in women’s pole vault with 4.30m Miltiadis Tentoglou with 7.92 (+2.8) and 7.90 (+1.2) in men’s long jump, Katerina Dalaka at 100m with 11.59 and in the 200m 23.73), Panayiotis Trivizas in the 100m Men with 10.52 and the Lykourgos Tsakonas at 200m with 20.65 (+2.0) and Kyriaki Eleni Artymatas with 52.76 at 400m.

Thanos Kalakos, who was a winner at 800m with a performance of 1.49.54, was close to the Greek U20 record of Sotiris Papadeas (1.49.12).

The wind was a protagonist in the men’s pole vault, since he did not let the athletes do the fight they wanted. In fact, there were not many cases where the barrel fell shortly before the athletes’ effort. The winner was Thodoris Chrysanthopoulos with 5.25 meters, height that surpassed both the second Nikos Nerantzis and the third Emmanuel Karalis.

German Tombias Lange was a winner in the 400m with 47.60 with Petros Kyriakides following 47.67.


Τhe organizer club Α.Ο. KYDON, as part of its effort to bring back these historic matches to the international athletics events of the European track and field, but most importantly to ensure that the Greek champions have a competitive high-level match for their participation in the Olympic Games and the World and European Championships of 2016 , has secured the participation of 20 foreign and 11 Cypriot champions from 10 countries in total: Greece, Italy, Israel, Bulgaria, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Finland, Cyprus and France.
The games was organized by A.O. KYDON of Chania with the collaboration of SEGAS, the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Chania, the Municipality of Platanias, EAC Chania, the Research & Research Foundation “El. K. Venizelos “and the EWC Chania. The games were under the auspices of GGA (Ministry of Sports)

Concerning the performances, Lykourgos Tsakonas won the 100m and 200m with 10.23 and 20.51 respectively, in the length of 7.90m of George Tsakonas who won the Swedish indoor champion of Europe last year Mikel Torneus (7.82m) and the Bulgarian Momcilil Karaliev in triple (16.81m)

In the Women’s events, Maria Belibasaki stood at 100m to 11.35, Constantina Romaiou with 13.33m (limit for the World Junior) in the women’s triple jump and hostess Dimitra Gnafaki with 59.58 in the 400m hurdles. (limit for the same Championships)

CHANIA 2016 .

In the games that took place on May 21 in Chania, a group of Romanian and Cypriot champions took part. In the long, the strong wind broke the plans of Ch. Alexoulis and E.Kolokytha and N.Panay that achieved great performance (6.68, 6.58 and 6.52 respectively but with favorable wind)

The winners:

100m: Panagiotis Andreiadis 10.46 (+1.8),

200m Panagiotis Trivizas 21.27 (+1.2)

800m Kostas Vassilakis 1.54.06,

110m obstacles: Milan Trajkovic (Cyprus) 13.55,

Jumping at height: Vasilis Konstantinou (Cyprus) 2.20mm,

Men’s Pole Vault : Pétros Chatzíou 5.20m,

Men’s Long Jump Michális Mertzanídis 7.86m,

Men’s Triple Jump Dimítris Tsiámis 16.60m,

100m Women Andriána Féra 11.78,

Women 200m Eléni Artymatá (Cyprus) 23.83,

400m Women: Rena Vassiliou 53.46,

100m hurdles Women: Elsa Pesididou 13.13,

Women’s Pole Vault: Stella-Hero Ledaki 4.30m

Women’s Length Lili Alexiou 6.68 (+3.0),

Women Discus throw: Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou 55.49m


on Monday, June 1, Venizelia 2015 took place at the National Stadium of Chania with a strong wind that broke many of the performances.

Pericles Iakovakis in the first regular race after about two years managed to finish the race even at … conservative pace due to the wind at 51.20

The race of her life was held in 400 meters by Irene Vassiliou, who saw the timer stop at 53.50.

Katerina Dalaka, who had decided to change her steps in the afternoon race because of the strong wind prevailing in Chania, was ready in the race for the hurdles. Even so Plutarchos Saraslanidis’ athlete managed to improve 59.39, which was her personal record and confirmed that she was able to run even fast

This year’s record was recorded by Efi Theodorou, who was second with 59.21, showing that she can hunt for a year under her record (58.85.)

Voula Papachristou scored a very good performance with the help of the wind in the triple. “Landed” in her second jump at 14.20m with the wind being positive 3.00m.

Lilly Alexouli was a 6.39 meter (2.00) long and jumped to 6.38 meters (1.1), while Evangelia Galeni followed by 6.18 meters (3.3 ). At 1,500 m Andreas Dimitrakis completed his winning race with 3.46.95, with Theophanis Michailas following with 3.48.52.

CHANIA 2015 .

Four Limits for the Beijing World Championships, the same for the 2016 Olympics, two national records, a threshold for the European Youth Championship, one for the Youth / Junior and one for the World Cup, but also world-class performances the report of the 5th Athletic Meeting of Athletics “Chania 2015” organized by the Region of Crete – Regional Unity of Chania, the Research and Research Foundation Eleftherios Venizelos, the Chania EAK (National Stadium) and the Eleftherios Venizelos Gymnastics Club on Saturday June 6th 2015

Kostas Doualidis (13.47 in 110m hurdles), Maria Belibassaki, Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou and Kyriakos Ioannou reached the limits for the top events, Manolis Karalis improved the greek U18 pole vault record, Anastasia Marinakou, the Greek U20 ntional record of 3,000m. (9.19.41), Georgia Stephanidi (Katherina’s sister) reached the threshold for the European Youth in short (4.15m), and Eleni Gheli secured a position for the World Championships U18 in Cali, COL in the womwn’s javelin throw

Kostas Filippidis, unaffected by successive trips, arrived in Chania from Rome, but this did not prevent him from performing a great performance on the skull. Specifically with 5.77 m, it achieved the seventh performance of the year in the world. Dimitris Ktea’s athlete improved his 5.75m this year, and then placed the bar at 5.86m in order to achieve a new national record.

It is a historical hit – given the tradition of the country in the event – held by Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou, who was undoubtedly one of the people who stood out in Chania 2015. The AEK athlete prevailed with a 61.40m limit for both the Beijing World Championships, and the 2016 Olympics

In her debut in the season, Maria Belibasaki had no problem showing that she was the queen of sprints. Initially she took first place in the 100m with 11.42 and showed to … she decipher from the workout for many months and then she did her job in her main event, 200m where she scored 23.15
Kyriakos Ioannou returned to high heights and extended to big competitions.

The Cypriot champion surpassed 2.29m and despite the injuries he experienced in the recent past, he reached the limit for participation in the Beijing World Cup and the Olympics of 2016. Kostas Baniotis followed in second place with 2.24m, height passed and the third Antonis Mastoras.
The limit for the World U18 Championship was caught by Eleni Geli with a throwof 50.90 meters in Chania, 2015. The young female athlete, despite being mainly involved with heptathlon, managed to improve a great throw at the javelin and to improve her record

Lilly Alexouli was satisfied with the 6.69m (2.0m), which he scored in the women’s long jump. while in the triple jump Voula Papachristou showed signs of stability having a better jump at 13,99 meters


The results at the 66th Venizelia organized by Kydon Chania in collaboration with SEGAS the Regional Unity of Chania and the Municipality of Chania On June 7, 2014 at National Stadium o Chania, Elena Venizelou,  were the following

  • Men’s 100M (Wind +1.2): Koutsoulakakis Manolis (Olympique Komoitini) 10.48,
  • Men’s 200m: (Wind +0.50) Rezes Paraskevas (SKA Meteora) 21.58
  • Men 400m: Gravalos Dimitrios (Aris) 47.91
  • Men’s length: Mertzanidis Despoteris-Michael (OSFP) 7.62 (+1.00) Galazoulas Anastasios (Venizelos) 7.62 (+1.60),
  • Men’s Triple Jump: Tsiamis Dimitrios (Olympiakos) 16.75 (+1.20
  • Men’s Shot Put: Theodorou Gerasimos (AS Olympic Structure) 17.41m,
  • Men’s Discus Throw: Pediakis Em. (Alexandros Ampelok) 54.80m,
  • 100m Women (Wind +1.20) Gattou Maria (GS Iraklis) 11.51,
  • Women’s 200m (Wind +0.80): Keramida Grigoria-Emmanouela (MEAS Triton) 23.27, Ferra Andriana (OSFP) 23.28
  • Women’s 400m (D): Derveni Agni (AO Megara) 53.98,
  • Women’s 1500m: Petroulaki Eleftheria (Sitiakos AO) 4.38.52,
  • Women’s Discuw Throw: Anagnostopoulou Christy (AEK) 57.20m

CHANIA 2014 .

With the participation of athletes from Romania, Cyprus and Greece, the 4th Sporting Meeting of Chania 2014 was held on Sunday, June 1, 2014 with organizer Eleftherios Venizelos, Crete-Regional District of Chania and the Municipality of Chania.

“CHANIA 2014” following a decision of the SEGAS was official games for the criteria for the constitution of Greek national Men – Women Team.

The winners

  • Men’s 100m Nyfantopoulos Yiannis 10.2 (hand timer)
  • Men’s 200m Polycarpou Vasilios (Cyprus) 21.92
  • Men’s 400m: Kriton Kyriakidis (Cyprus) 48.5 (hand timer)
  • Men’s 110m hurdles : Theodistos Mavridis 13.94
  • Men’s High Jump: Mastoras Antonis 2.26m
  • Men’s Javelin Throw: Iltsos Georgios 77.28m
  • Men Discus Throw : Parellis Apostolos (Cyprus) 61.15
  • Women’s Triple Jump: Tomas Kristina-Carmen (Romania) 13.39 (Photo)
  • Women’s 100m : Ramoka Papaioannou (Cyprus) 11.4
  • Women’s 200m: Sarri Aikaterini 25.04
  • Women’s 100m hurdles: Pesididou Elizabeth 13.42
  • Women’s High Jump:  Vlachou Myrsini 1.80
  • Women’s Shot Put: Capa Florence (Cyprus) 15.07
  • Women’s Discus Throw: Lada Androniki (Cyprus) 54.30


On Saturday, 7 June, the 65th Venizelia (El.Venizelos Memorial) was held in Chania, Elena Venizelou National Stadium, with the winners below

  • 100m Men: Efthimis Stergioulis 10.38,
  • 400m Men: Kyriakidis Petros 47.12
  • 110m hurdles Men: Douvalidis Kostas 13.50
  • Long Jump Men: Diamandaras Dimitris 7.97 (+2.5)
  • Triple Jump Men: Tsiamis Dimitris 16.75 (+2.7)
  • Men’s Discus Throw: Antoniadis Orestis (Cyprus) 54.61
  • Women’s 200m: Keramida Grigoria Em. 23.82
  • Women’s 400m : Derveni Agni 53.54
  • Women’s 800μ : Kladou Maria 2.05.21 (photo)
  • Women’s 400m hurdles: Hantzi-Neag Christina 58.94
  • Women’s Long Jump: Galeni Evangelia 6.54
  • Women Discus Throw: Anagnostopoulou Chrysoula 56.55

CHANIA 2013 .

With the participation of top three athletes, the Athletic Meeting of Athletics-Chania 2013 was held in the National Stadium of our city, on June 2nd 2013, where it was good performance, with the perennial sport that it stood out.

Dimitris Patsukakis scored his best performance this year (5.50m), then tested at 5.60m (low limit for the Moscow World Championship), but he did not. In women’s event, Lorraine Manu was a 4.35m winner and had good, but not successful, attempts at 4.45m, Stella-Hero Ledakis – who tested with her new rods – stayed at 4m (with good efforts at 4.25m ) while excellent was the presence of the young Chaniotis, Kyriakos Kolombakis, who made a new personal record (4.80m) and reached the limit for the World U18 championshipsIn the 110m hurdles, Kostas Douvalidis did not manage to repeat last year’s race (so he had a record) and finished in 13.73, while in his second race after two years Georgia Kokloni scored 11.79 sec at 100m.

Antonis Mastoras made his second appearence in the season, passed 2.20m in height and although he had good jumps at 2.25m he did not. Finally, in the discus, Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou won with a throw at 54.88m, while in the corresponding men’s event, Giorgos Tremos reached 55.50m. Finally in women’s triple Jump winner was Katerina Vergou (photo) with 12.52m

As far as the organizational field is concerned, Eleftherios Venizelos, in collaboration with the Regional Chania Municipality, the Municipality of Chania, the EAS SEGAS Crete, the EAK of Chania and with the support of SEGAS, managed to avoid problems and the athletes to be satisfied with the hospitality.


With Athletic Culub Kydon, organizer and Athletes from Greece, Cyprus, France, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Albania and Bulgaria, the 64th Venizelia took place in Chania on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dimitris Diamantaras (photo) stood out for the long time winning Luis Tsatoumas and scored an individual record and Androniki Lada at Women’s Discus Throw marked a National record for Cyprus

The winners:

  • Men’s 100m: Rousakis Iordanis 10.60
  • Men’s 200m A: Paterakis Emmanouil 21.24
  • Men’s 400m A: HANNE Mamoudou FRANCE 47.15, Kyriakidis Petros 47.30
  • Men’s 800m A: Dimitriou Christos (CYPRUS) 1.51.34
  • Men’s Height Jump: Master Antonis 2.23m
  • Men’s  Long Jump: Diamandaras Dimitris 8.11 (+1.4)
  • Men’s Triple Jump: Zacharias Arnos (Cyprus) 16.73 (+2.5)
  • Men’s Disus Throw: Tremos George 58.26
  • Women’s 100m : Polozoc Iulia 12.09
  • Women’s 100m hurdles: Pitsoudi Olympia 13.56
  • Women’s 400m hurdles: Hantzi-Neag Christina 58.94
  • Women’s Long Jump: Panagi Nectaria (Cyprus) 6.56
  • Women’s Discus Throw: Lada Androniki (Cyprus) 54.86 (Nat.Record)

CHANIA 2012 .

Eleftherios Venizelos, with the collaboration of Chania Regional Unity, EAS of SEGAS Crete and the Chania EAK, organized at the “Elena Venizelou” stadium on Sunday, June 3, “Athletic Meeting of Athletics 2012” in Chania. The races, after a decision by the Board of Directors of SEGAS, had been included in the races for the Youth-Junior Championship, in the road and jumping events. Great Performance in Men’s Discus Throw by Apostolos Parellis (CYP) (photo). Another major innovation was the live broadcasts of the Games in live streaming

The Winners:

  • Men’s Triple :ARNOS ZACHARIAS CYPRUS 16.26
  • Men’s Discus Throw: PARALLIS APOSTOLOS CYPRUS 65.36
  • Women’s 100m :ARTYMATA ELENI CYPRUS 11.55
  • Women’s 200m NIKOLETOU NIKOLETA CYPRUS 25.20
  • Women’s 1500m :MARIA KLADOU OLYMPIC SPF 4.24.23
  • Women’s 400m Hurdles PAPOUTSAKI ANASTASIA OF HERAKLION 60.38
  • Women’s Long Jump:PANAGI NEKTARIA CYPRUS 6.47
  • Women’s Triple Jump: CHRISTOFI FREEDOM OF CYPRUS 13.10


The 63rd Venizeleia international meeting was held at the National Stadium of Chania, on Saturday June 11th 2011 at National Stadium of Chania Elena Venizelou with the organizer of AC Kydon,

The winners are:


  • Men’s 100m: Angelakis 10 “49
  • Men’s 200m: Frangoulis (Greece) 21.69,
  • Men’s Hight Jump: Donisan (Romania) 2.14m
  • Men’s 1.500m: Nakopoulos (Greece) 3.46.46
  • Men’s Discus Throw: Gassu (Romania) 61.08m, Tremos (Greece) 56.96m,


  • 100m: Belibasaki Maria12 “29
  • 100m hurdles: (+0.5) Lensky (Israel) 13.20,
  • Women’s Javelin Throw Mavroudi (Cyprus) 48.09m,
  • Women’s Triple Jump: Papachristou (Greece) 14.72m,
  • Women’s 200m: Lenski O. (Israel) 24.58
  • Women’s 3.000m Steeple: Deyonkere (Belgium) 9.59.4

CHANIA 2011 .

It was the first edition of the meeting Chania 2011 from thw Athletic Club of Chania GS Eleftherios Venizelos which in 2014 would be international


With great international attendances from around the world and great performances, Venizelia 2010 was held at Chania on

Cuban Skyers stood at 100m to 10.39, American Porter in the 110m hurdles that won Duvalidis with 13.55 against 13.62 and Jamaican Robertson won Sotiris Iakovakis with 50.21 vs. 50.47

Great leaps with the first two in the long run over 8.00m (Torneos 8.18, Mokoena 8.12) and big triple with British Atziche 16.87 winner, in front of Bulgarian Karaliev 16.73, Randy Lewis (Grenada) 16.68 and Tsiamis 16.61

Mihail Stamatogiannis touched the 19m in the shot put (18.99m) while the 400m women won by Vania Stambolova (Bulgaria) 50.95 (photo) and the unforgettable Marianna Zachariadi (Cyprus) who won the women’s pole vault with 4.36m

Double win for the Canadian Charles Charleys at 100m and Triplex (11.91 and 13.96m) and a shot at the Austrian Veronica Watzek in Women Discus Throw  (55.38m)

  • 100μ Α: 1 SKYERS Robert CUB 10.39, 800m M: 1 POISTOGOV Stepan RUS 1.48.50
  • 110h M (+1,7) : 1 PORTER Jeff USA 13.55 2 DOUVALIDIS Kostas GRE 13.62
  • 400h M 1 ROBERTSON Josef JAM 50.21, 2 IAKOVAKIS Sotiris GRE 50.47
  •  3km steeple (U23) 1 GHINEA Alexandru ROM 8.56.73
  • LJ 1 TORNEUS Michel SWE 8.18 (2.10), 2 MOKOENA Godfrem RSA 8.15 (1.00), 3 BEACKFORD J. JAM 7.93 (2.00)
  • TJ Men : 1 ACHIKE Onochie GBR 16.87 (2.40), 2 KARAILIEV Momchil RSA 16.73 (1.60), 3 LEWIS Randy GRN 16.68 (2.50), 4 TSIAMIS Dimitris GRE 16.61 (1.50)
  • SP Men : 1 STAMATOGIANNIS Michalis GRE 18.99
  • 100m Women (+0.7) : 1 TABIA Charles CAN 11.91
  • 400m Women : 1 STAMBOLVA Vania BUL 50.95 (foto)
  • TJ Women : 1 TABIA Charles CAN 13.96 (1.00)
  • PV Women : 1 ZACHARIADI Marianna CYP 4.36
  • DT Women : 1 WATZEK Veronika AUT 55.88

For more results or past editions of Venizelia meeting (1936-2009) visit http://venizeliahitory.blogspot.com/?view=flipcard